The Russian time


Today we have a special edition for our english speaking friends. The people that dosent understand a rag (filla) about the Russian times (russetiden). This is a little bloggpost to help them grasp the essens of the Russian times.To help me make it as understandable as possible #almostimpossible, I have used Google transelate #firstmistake #moretocome All mistakes in this text are intentional. 

The Russian time ritual is not part of the exam preparation, but unfortunately it’s at the same time. It is also a natural selection, if you survive the Russian times and still can take your finals, you are a very strong human (#lovedarwin) and we know you can be a community support (samfunnsstøtte) and a responsible grown up. 

The Famours Russian times is very popular among the young norwegians. They start thinking about it at least three years ahed of the actual Russian times. They spend a littel fortune on The Russian Bus, The Clothes, The Music and The Boose. In April and May the dress in red or blue coveralls and drink a lot of spirits mixed with soda. They have funny hats that they pay for, but don’t use a lot and Russian cards with weird and often sexualized messages, not ment for grandparents (Se Om å gå for langt på kort/ See About going to far on short). At night they roll with The Russian bus and it is very cool in all aspects of the word #northernhemisphere 

Befor all this jolly fun we take some precautionary measures #wearenotstupid. The Russ are all vaccinated against meningitis and warned against rape, alcohol poisoning and involuntary pregnancy. We spam them with free rubber and talk about drinking enough (water!). If the accident should be out, luckily we have pumping and regretpills. 

Have a lovely Russian time everyone! Don’t live in Norway? Sad for you (synd for deg)! 

Russebertemamma logger av for å #havefun #actgrownup #sjekkeblogglisten

A typical Russian bus. 


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